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Price & research transducers for the Siemens Antares Ultrasound Imaging Platform.

Siemens Antares Machine

Whether you're looking for pricing on a new or used Siemens Antares® ultrasound system, or just browsing for technical information - is the right place to be. We've dedicated this website to providing the online community with the information and resources it needs regarding the ACUSON™ Antares® premium edition ultrasound system.


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About the Siemens Antares

The new Siemens Antares®, premium edition ultrasound system, improves upon the advanced workflow and diagnostic capabilities of the Sonoline™ Antares® system technology by offering a wide variety of additional innovative features including the comprehensive higher quality fourSight™ 4D ultrasound imaging technology solution. Along with a full suite of Hanafy™ Lens and Multi-D™ array transducers, the Siemens Antares® system employs Clarify™ - a vascular enhancement technology that automatically reduces noise and artifacts, providing tissue boundary detection and clear definition of vascular structures.

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Check in with existing customers who have agreed, for an initial pricing discount, to be reference sites for UDS. Please contact Angel Urquijo at 1-800-416-7567 for further details on used Siemens Antares ultrasound equipment.

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UDS is not an authorized reseller nor are we a distributor of newly manufactured Siemens ultrasound equipment
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